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Pain Management

Pain Management

We are an interventional pain management practice devoted to the treatment of painful conditions, whether acute and/or chronic, to improve pain, function, and enhance quality of life. Our goal is to treat the source of pain, if possible, to promote healthy lifestyles, activities and preventative care. We strive to return patients to their most functional and productive lifestyle possible.

  • Interventional / procedure based facility
  • Medical management in close association with your primary physician
  • Multidisciplinary approach, working closely with other specialists including neurologists, psychologists, orthopedic and spine surgeons, physiatrists, oncologists, psychiatrists, physical therapists and Hospice to coordinate the individual care and treatment of our patients.

Upon your initial visit, you will receive a thorough History and Physical exam. Also we will review your imaging studies and labs, and determine if more diagnostic testing is needed to assist us in determining the cause of your pain. Then together we develop a treatment plan that is tailored for you, which will address your pain and whatever is causing it. Although our primary goal is always for patients to obtain relief of pain, sometimes giving our patients control over their pain is the optimal solution.

Fredericksburg, Kerrville

Ralph Menard, MD

Marble Falls

Kaleb Shaw, MD
Mindy Eckert, PT, DPT